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Classic Bike Meters was founded in 2020 by me, a classic motorcycle enthusiast just like you!

The idea of Classic Bike Meters began when I was in the process of restoring my 1977 Honda CB550 F2 Super Sport in the Netherlands. I purchased some parts to complete the restoration. But the look of the old instruments let the overall look and feel of the bike down. So I started taking them of the bike, took them apart and made them look and work like new again.

I saw a market in Europe that desperately wanted these quality replacement parts, but at a reasonable price and with local shipping times.

Through the love for classic motorcycles and with my automotive background and experience in manufacturing, the decision was clear. The result is a proud and fast-growing company. My production facility houses in Zeewolde (Flevoland) – a quiet central location in The Netherlands.

I also anticipated making a number of replacement parts for other Japanese motorcycles of the 70’s era. I’m eager to hear from you, the classic motorcycle enthusiasts, what instrument parts are most demanded in the community.

In addition to professionally restored instruments. I’m also selling some NOS instruments from time to time, as well as mechanical fixtures for the instruments. With over 200 unique parts in the inventory, there is something for almost everyone!

I strive to reproduce accurate parts for most commonly used Japanese motorcycle instruments by using the same techniques as they did in the past. I’m always looking for NOS instruments to reproduce these parts to ensure the highest quality of replacement instruments and also purchase quality parts for resale.

The classic Japanese motorcycle community is small in number, but extremely diverse and constructive – I respect this and gladly accepts any criticism, suggestions or part requests anyone may have.

Perhaps your request will result in a new inventory part in the future!

Best regards,

Patrick Lippinkhof

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